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Phil Babb

Former Liverpool and Republic of Ireland defender

Match Simulator

The betstatz simulator uses powerful mathematical models which run across historic football data. However, as we all know, not all games will go purely to statistical form, so we have designed a series of variables which can be used to influence the outcome of your simulation. Think a team playing at home makes a difference? Or think that one side will play a tight game? These are just some of the many factors you can take into account when using our unique simulator.

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Football Predictions

Our football predictions are generated using the betstatz football simulator. We have used a unique set of variables for each prediction, taking into account all the factors which we think will influence the game. To show you how confident we are in our predictions we then display our percentage chance ratings for each outcome. What’s more, we track our accuracy for each prediction across each league, giving you full transparency.

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Football Stats

With stats on teams, goals and leagues, our wide range of betstatz reports are a must view before any football bet. Ever wondered which teams are a sure bet for over 2.5 goals? Or wondering how two teams match up against each other statistically? These are just a few of the questions that betstatz can help answer. Whether it's finding the best bets or just looking for some interesting facts, betstatz football stats is the place for you.

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