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Spal Fixtures, Results and Stats

Spal Fixtures

31st Mar 14:00
Genoa (A)
15th Apr 11:30
Fiorentina (A)

Spal Highlights 2017/2018

Rank in Italy
Rank in Italy

Serie A 2017/2018

Played Won Drawn Lost
54 8 18 28
Clean Sheets Failed to Score Over 2.5 Goals
11.1% 35.2% 42.6%

Spal Last 5 League Matches

Most Recent
17 Mar 11 Mar 3 Mar 25 Feb 18 Feb
Average Goals per Game
Scored Conceded Diff
1.00 0.80 +0.2
Betstatz Form Rating

Spal Over/Under Goals Per Match

0.5 Goals 94.4 % 5.6 %
1.5 Goals 81.5 % 18.5 %
2.5 Goals 42.6 % 57.4 %
3.5 Goals 31.5 % 68.5 %
4.5 Goals 16.7 % 83.3 %
5.5 Goals 3.7 % 96.3 %

Serie A Results 2017/2018

17th Mar 2018 Ser A Juventus (H)0-0
11th Mar 2018 Ser A Sassuolo (A)1-1
3rd Mar 2018 Ser A Bologna (H)1-0
25th Feb 2018 Ser A Crotone (A)2-3
18th Feb 2018 Ser A Napoli (A)1-0
18th Feb 2018 Ser B Napoli (A)1-0
10th Feb 2018 Ser B Milan (H)0-4
10th Feb 2018 Ser A Milan (H)0-4
4th Feb 2018 Ser A Cagliari (A)2-0
4th Feb 2018 Ser B Cagliari (A)2-0
28th Jan 2018 Ser A Inter (H)1-1
28th Jan 2018 Ser B Inter (H)1-1
21st Jan 2018 Ser A Udinese (A)1-1
21st Jan 2018 Ser B Udinese (A)1-1
6th Jan 2018 Ser A Lazio (H)2-5
6th Jan 2018 Ser B Lazio (H)2-5
30th Dec 2017 Ser A Sampdoria (A)2-0
30th Dec 2017 Ser B Sampdoria (A)2-0
23rd Dec 2017 Ser A Torino (H)2-2
23rd Dec 2017 Ser B Torino (H)2-2
17th Dec 2017 Ser A Benevento (A)1-2
17th Dec 2017 Ser B Benevento (A)1-2
10th Dec 2017 Ser A Verona (H)2-2
10th Dec 2017 Ser B Verona (H)2-2
1st Dec 2017 Ser A Roma (A)3-1
1st Dec 2017 Ser B Roma (A)3-1
25th Nov 2017 Ser A Chievo (A)2-1
25th Nov 2017 Ser B Chievo (A)2-1
19th Nov 2017 Ser A Fiorentina (H)1-1
19th Nov 2017 Ser B Fiorentina (H)1-1
5th Nov 2017 Ser B Atalanta (A)1-1
5th Nov 2017 Ser A Atalanta (A)1-1
29th Oct 2017 Ser A Genoa (H)1-0
29th Oct 2017 Ser B Genoa (H)1-0
25th Oct 2017 Ser B Juventus (A)4-1
25th Oct 2017 Ser A Juventus (A)4-1
22nd Oct 2017 Ser A Sassuolo (H)0-1
22nd Oct 2017 Ser B Sassuolo (H)0-1
15th Oct 2017 Ser B Bologna (A)2-1
15th Oct 2017 Ser A Bologna (A)2-1
1st Oct 2017 Ser A Crotone (H)1-1
1st Oct 2017 Ser B Crotone (H)1-1
23rd Sep 2017 Ser B Napoli (H)2-3
23rd Sep 2017 Ser A Napoli (H)2-3
20th Sep 2017 Ser B Milan (A)2-0
20th Sep 2017 Ser A Milan (A)2-0
17th Sep 2017 Ser B Cagliari (H)0-2
17th Sep 2017 Ser A Cagliari (H)0-2
10th Sep 2017 Ser B Inter (A)2-0
10th Sep 2017 Ser A Inter (A)2-0
27th Aug 2017 Ser B Udinese (H)3-2
27th Aug 2017 Ser A Udinese (H)3-2
20th Aug 2017 Ser B Lazio (A)0-0
20th Aug 2017 Ser A Lazio (A)0-0

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